About Us And Our Lighthouse

Mission Statement

The mission of the Friends Of The Kewaunee Pier Head Lighthouse is to provide financial and physical support for the restoration and ongoing maintenance associated with the lighthouse.

Vision Statement

Once preserved, the lighthouse and other historical and maritime features in Kewaunee will become an educational and recreational asset to the community.

About Us

The friends are a non-profit 501(c)3 organization designed to help fund the restoration of The Kewaunee Light. Kewaunee has a wonderful opportunity in that our lighthouse is in very good condition, considering its age. This is part of a larger effort by local leaders and business people to restore the Kewaunee Harbor and Lighthouse.

Through the efforts of many determined individuals, Kewaunee has received a generous grant from the State Of Wisconsin for the repair of the seawall and of the lighthouse. The seawall was dangerous, with sinkholes forming along the walkway. In the 1850’s, when the seawall was built, the builders used Ironwood forms filled with rocks and cement. Those original forms held until the mid 2000’s when they began showing their age. I guess that’s why they called it Ironwood!

The grant from the State of Wisconsin has been an incredible first step in the restoration initiative. Even so, the next phases of the project will require the support and contributions of people both in the community and beyond.

Because the Kewaunee Pier Head Lighthouse is on the Wisconsin State Historical Register, our repairs have to be historically accurate. That’s is where we come into some problems. There are 30 wood framed windows on the lighthouse. Some are in amazing condition for their age. Some need a great deal of “love”.

The large door that faces the city, was heavy plywood. A real set of doors were installed in the summer of 2021. Inside the lighthouse was scraped back to bare walls, and there was an issue with asbestos. The asbestos was removed in 2018. We have a fifth order Fresnel lens. It was cleaned and then removed in 2019. The lens is now housed in the Kewaunee County Historical Center, on Ellis Street in Kewaunee.

Be on the lookout for opportunities to learn more about the restoration progress and what you can do to support our efforts.

To learn more about the complete history of The Kewaunee Pier Head Lighthouse, visit the websites below.

City of Kewaunee – Information about the Lighthouse from the City

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